Content management

We believe that if a web site is constantly updated, it generates more traffic than a web site that is left unattended. For that very reason we strongly urge our clients to opt of a content management solution, where they are able to update content on the web site at all times, without changing the design or making the web site inadvertently inaccessible.

You control the content

While initial content can be entered by our staff at the time the site is being created and published, after the initial activation, you and/or your staff can control the content that is on your web site. If you would like to inform your clients about a promotion that is going on, you can enter it as soon as you decide to do so. Extensive and diverse tools and management software packages are available for you and your staff to create content as you please, with ease to use and full integration with your existing on-site hardware solutions. No additional knowledge or training is required, although familiarity with simple text processing software may help, such as Microsoft Word.

You can also split the access to several members of your staff, where certain individuals are in charge of certain parts of your webpage and have corresponding access rights, and/or you can have an administrator in charge or supervising the whole site, with full access rights. Of course there are tools implemented that allow you, or rather your administrator, to reverse changes, reinstate the web site at an earlier time, remove or add selected content and much more.

Why you should do it

In a functioning business there are constant changes and happening that need to be publicized at the earliest possible time. For instance, you want to announce that on a certain day, for whatever reason, your business will not be open. In such a case, simply entering a note on the welcome page, or on all pages selectively, would inform the visitor that on a certain date your store or whatnot will not be open for business.

With E-commerce solutions, such possibility to change content is very important, because stock constantly changes and prices vary, depending on many factors. If you have a new product that you would like to advertise on your front page, or if a certain product is on sale, or for whatever reason you need to enter or remove something from your web page, you are entitled to have the freedom and opportunity to do so.

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