All of our hosting solutions come with top of the line managed security packages included. While our IT security services and solutions can be purchased separately, we prefer to maintain IT security for our clients only. You can opt for dedicated and managed firewalls, SSL certificates, threat and log management, Anti-Virus and other Trojan and malware protection, DDoS mitigation, VPN and much more. It is also possible that in case of any anomalies, attacks targeting your website and similar security based alerts are sent to you in forms of email and SMS notifications. Immediate countermeasures will be employed and deployed instantly and your website traffic redirected to mirror servers automatically.

Our firewall solutions allow for direct management, which can be fully facilitated by our staff, which is on duty at all times. Furthermore, there is a firewall management interface that can be installed at your place of business, where you can control in real time your security, whereby the extent of control is pre-definable. These dedicated firewalls are just for your business solution and have received worldwide recognition, including ICSA Firewall and IPsec certification, as well as the Common Criteria EAL4 evaluation status.

Our signature DDoS mitigation services allow your business to not only stay online but conduct secure business, even while an attack is taking place. High level hardware programs identify through packet scanning with extensive traffic analysis when any such attack is underway and through filtering and rerouting of such attacks into virtual servers not only deflect any such attack, but also identify and trace the attacker back for a swift response.

We can also handle all your SSL certificates requirements, including purchase, installation and renewals, with continuous maintenance making sure that your certificates are always validated and up to date, furthermore we also inform you when and if any of your certificates require a renewal.

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